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Saw a snippet of a show on the Pan African Film Festival, where African Ancestry had done DNA analysis and haplo group tracking for some of the involved celebrities. Which was very cool. Except one off-the-cuff remark needled me a bit: noting, with a bit of regret, that not all of one celeb’s DNA was tracked back to Africa. I assume that Europe was in the mix.

I don’t know if I’m in the minority (a status I’m accustomed to), but I don’t have a problem acknowledging my European ancestry. My African ancestry is as obvious as my brown skin, so clearly I’m not in denial there. But I don’t deny the rest either.

Some number of my ancestors — likely most of them — crossed the Atlantic Ocean to get to the Americas: some to the islands of the Caribbean, others to mainland colonies of England and Spain. I am the legacy of them all, and I claim them all without shame.

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