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My lunchtime field trip today

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… was not as productive as I’d hoped.

  • Found original photo that might include granddad. About half of the men are identified, and of course the name I was looking for wasn’t there. But get this: My godmother’s father is in the photo, which was taken years before my mother or godmother was born and more than a decade before they met.
  • No other mentions of granddad in the museum databases.
  • No mentions of 2nd great-granddad in the museum databases.

I did find a mention of my great-aunt’s husband.

If I didn’t have photos, some days I might be convinced these folks never existed. Except I keep seeing their gene pool in people I know (including myself). Case in point: the photo of my granddad. Technically I don’t know for sure it’s him. But the man appears to be the right age (mid-late 30s), build (average height, slender); he’s got the best-fitting suit in the bunch (natch, he was a tailor); and he’s a ringer for the photo I have of granddad in his 20s. Not only that, but my late mother and uncle took after him, and they sure looked a lot like this guy.

On other paths: Oakland Public Library invites me to come look through the magazine & newspaper department to find the elusive Adaline Marryatt obit. Wonder how many lunches it will take to go through up to 10 years’ worth?

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