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Another field trip and a new family tree

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Off all this week and am tired of home improvement … so I do believe the girls and I are going to visit the National Archives branch in San Bruno. Some of the things I hope to research:

  • Passenger arrival records for the port of San Francisco
  • Indexes to naturalization records from Federal courts in Honolulu, Reno (NV) and San Francisco
  • Maritime records for San Francisco and other ports
  • naturalization records

I think these mostly would be helpful in tracking James Marryatt, 2nd-great-grandfather. Possibly even his mother, who managed to follow him from Panama to San Francisco (though I have no idea how she got from Jamaica to Panama). Maybe also they can offer some advice on slave research too.

And now for something completely different: My mother-in-law brought over a photo of her late brother, just for kicks. My husband is a ringer for him — it’s truly uncanny. They look like twins. Lanky; long face with deep-set eyes; narrow mouth and mustache; dapper dressers. Apparently alike in temperament too. Common looks for her mother’s family, the Devalls of East Baton Rouge. So just for kicks, I started tracking them. Found enough, over several generations, that I think I’ll have to give my in-laws their own tree. They seem to be going further back, though with fewer branches; my folks are like shrubs, with many branches but inaccessible depth. Runaways, infidels and don’t-ask-don’t-tell’ers, my folk are; took them till well into the 20th century to set real roots. But ever following their own drummers. Am grateful that stayed in the gene pool.

Postscript: If James Marryatt became a U.S. citizen, it appears it wasn’t in San Francisco. Nothing at NARA. On the other hand, no other location makes sense — despite all his travels with Clarence King, he ended up settling in the Bay Area. Which leads me to believe he told a tall one when he registered to vote.

Am convinced all these folks came from Mars, leaving nary a trace prior to the mid-1860s.

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  1. Wish there was a National Archives in Charlotte. I would even settle for a branch of the state archives. Wishing you much success on the field trip and I hope the girls have fun.


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