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Deep in the heart of Texas

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Going nowhere fast with Virginia and New Mexico, so I thought I’d revisit the Lone Star State. After all, I’ve got several lines there that have holes.

Wise move.

I had been less than successful with, but somehow got back there through search. As usual, tracking the elusive Ras Boulds, who was born in 1860 but doesn’t seem to exist prior to 1900, and remarking on all the misspelled names. Especially my grandmother’s, Marguerite.

Then one jumped out at me, from a document I hadn’t seen before: Texas Marriages. Marguriett (sic) Boulds and A.W. DeLeon, married 24 November 1920.


Although there are other errors: He was born in 1896, not 1899, and thus was 24, not 21. But it’s the real deal. Very nice complement to the original marriage certificate, which I have.

So while in Texas Marriages, I did a bit more rummaging and surprise! Found Algeron A. DeLeon and Narciss Hughes, who were wed 22 December 1892 in Matagorda, Texas. Yes, my great-grandparents.

Double woot!

My grandmother never knew her mother-in-law; she died before my grandparents met and my grandfather didn’t speak much of her.

Narciss Hughes DeLeon died on 9 January 1919, of tuberculosis. She was 43 years old. My grandfather was just 22 years old. She lived her whole life in Matagorda. More clues: a birthdate (15 February 1875) and parents’ names and states of birth. Best of all: an image of the death certificate.

And then there are the Stewarts. When I first started researching my family, I started with them because my grandmother knew the most about them, and because “they always took part in the census.” Low-hanging fruit, I figured. Sure enough, I found them in the 1880 census … and could never find them again.

Found. Bad misspellings — Ainik Stewort! — but thanks to an unusual first name, Sofa, and an exceedingly common one, Mary (my great-grandmother), I connected the dots.

Deep, deep in the heart of Texas…

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  1. Hi Terri,

    So good to hear that you’re still following the trail. We will have to connect soon! Thank you for sharing…

  2. Vicky Daviss Mitchell

    Nice blog post on Ras!!!


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