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The AAGSAR Spring Challenge is in full bloom. People across the country are using technology, collaboration and plain hard work to unearth the mysteries of our ancestors and, as a result, get clearer pictures of our own heritage.

Ras Boulds, my great-grandfather, is my challenge. I seek the identity of his parents, birth or otherwise — something I’m not sure he ever fully knew.

He married twice, sired two sons before his second (and final)marriage, never knew his true birthday (instead, he claimed Christmas Day), claimed to be black and Jewish but perhaps was neither.

I will find him and his parents, and finally reveal his truths a century and a half later.


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  1. My grandfather also chose to celebrate on Christmas Day because he didn’t know his actual birthday. Have you done DNA testing? That could answer some of your question. I know several people who validated an ancestors claim to Jewish heritage through testing.


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