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1868, near Salt Lake City

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In camp near Salt Lake City in the summer of 1868. Clarence King and James Gardner sit on either side of a tripod of rifles and a barometer. James Marryatt, King’s cook and valet is on the right. All three men are formally dressed for dinner, a custom King honored in the field whenever possible. Photograph by Timothy O’Sullivan. (U.S. Geological Survey)

James Marryatt

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1867 photo of the party of the Fortieth Parallel Survey in camp in Nevada. James Marryatt likely is the tall man with his hand on the tent pole.

Odds and ends

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Got a DOD for Adaline Marryatt (2nd gr-g’mother) yesterday and have ordered death certificates for her and hubby James. In Adaline’s case, that should yield at least her maiden name and possibly parents’ name(s). Which will start the Stewart process for her in Maryland.

James Marryatt will be more difficult. Although I know a fair amount about him (thanks to the exploits of Clarence King; more on him in a future post), I haven’t a clue how to track genealogy in Jamaica in the middle of the 19th century.